Sunday, 24 February 2013

Thoughts on paper

Decided to revive my blog which, to be fair, didn't really get going in the first place last time anyway. I've deleted all of my old blog posts. A fresh start, pastures new and all that. I had my daughter a few months ago and whilst she, along with my 6 year old son, has brought utter joy to my life and I cherish every moment with them, the end of each day brings a feeling of intellectual unfulfillment. I hear this from so many mothers. Long days and nights spent breastfeeding, co-sleeping, changing nappies, breastfeeding, baby groups, doing the school run, sorting out uniforms, breastfeeding, after school activities, homework, cooking, breastfeeding, bathing, JUST TRYING TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE WITHOUT SOMEBODY IN TEARS (usually me) etc etc. It's a bloody grind. But one that, of course, is all worth it.

My situation isn't about to change anytime soon. My daughter is still very little and I plan on being with her full-time until she is at least a year old. She's a decent little sleeper so my evenings are generally free. I could do some housework but sod that! I'm far too knackered after my day to carry on doing more generally brainless, repetitive tasks - especially physical ones (any excuse!). So I'm going to blog. To keep me sane. I want to sit and think and write and not watch telly. My brain is turning to mush. But write about what? Well generally child rearing and life by the sea plus maybe some other stuff that has nothing to do with either of those things. I promise I won't make blog posts as boring as my day is described in this blog post. There will be a bit of humour injected into it. And some swearing. Bad language generally makes an appearance come evening time after a day of being overly smiley for kids and my tether gradually being worn down to its end.

So here goes...

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